Based out of Montreal, Canada, Sheenah Ko is a multi instrumentalist and composer. Born of visual artists, her writing style has always been from a purely artistic approach, outside of the box and painting feelings and atmosphere in her music. Best known as a member of the Polaris-nominated Besnard Lakes, Sheenah has also been a member of, and/or contributor to over 20 other North American bands and projects.

As a solo artist, Sheenah's music is intended to swallow audiences into an entrancing journey where one can forget time and space. A huge, deep sound, she creates a certain mood and ambiance, bringing listeners into a trippy dreamlike state of "breathing" analogue synths, raw emotional vocals and driving beats. Accompanied by contemporary dancer and choreographer, Brittney Canda, they enchant entire venues with their emotionally-charged and intensely-captivating show.


Current Projects:

  • Sheenah Ko ft Brittney Canda (Solo music/dance performance)

  • The Besnard Lakes (Jagjagwar)

  • Bedouin Soundclash (Sony)

  • Joseph Edgar (Rosemarie)

  • Alex Henry Foster (Hopeful Tragedy Records)

  • Lucioles

  • Antoine Corriveau (Coyote)

  • Navet Confit (The Confectionery)

  • Thor & Friends (LM Dupli-cation)

  • Urockaoke, Rons Fantasy, Broken Nails cover bands

Past Projects:

  • Folly and the Hunter (Outside Music)

  • Little Scream (Merge)

  • Kevin Hearn (Barenaked Ladies/Lou Reed)

  • USA Out of Vietnam (Aurora Borealis)

  • Creature (Universal)

  • Pang Attack

  • Molly Sweeney

  • The High Dials

  • Ron Sexsmith Tribute with Garth Hudson, and more…

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Joseph Edgar on September 20 at Le National in Montreal, QC

Radiohead Tribute Band with André Papanicolao at Verre Bouteille on September 29 in Montreal, QC



by Sheenah Ko