ÉcouteDonc Live Review, Le Cercle with Ex Eye, Quebec

(Translated from original language)

The evening began exactly as I had imagined, with the ethereal sounds of Sheenah Ko, a multi-talented artist but notably known as keyboardist of Montreal band The Besnard Lakes, with the presence of a contemporary dancer of incredible talent, her collaborator Brittney Canda, who fulfilled the live performance with such elegance. I was quickly put in my place when the meditative and hypnotizing synth sounds that opened the performance were supplemented by sustained dancing rhythms, explaining the presence of a co-performer representing the physical movements of the electro pop compositions assumed by Ko. Canda’s performance could have easily stolen the show, in so much that she offered such an intense and felt performance, but the solidity of Ko’s compositions and the effect of surprise of its electro content meritted that she deserved its share of praise. Ko, who confessed during the course of her performance that she had only recently been in the development of dance sounds of this genre, following the purchase of a "Prophet-6" analog synth that would be so pleasant to use and that inspired her to commence this solo project. Sometimes more minimalist and sometimes more maximalist, her creations showed both a meticulousness and a well-transposed energy in the performance.